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Motivated by mild insanity, artificial self-hatred, and confused curiosity.

First Amendment vs. Anti-Discrimination


Colorado has made national news again, this time not with its dope-smoking agenda but its bigotry. Oh good. We’re moving up in the world.

Not All Answers


So it seems lately my blog has turned into a place where I give a one-sided, poorly-researched critique of someone else’s one-sided, poorly-researched blog post, but hey, isn’t that what the Blogosphere is for? Nobody but a very small group of people give a crap about anything I say, anyway. … Continue reading

Chao’s Theory

Un-eaten Stone Lion

During my brief study of Mandarin, I learned about the poem “Lion Eating Poet in the Stone Den,” written by linguist Yuen Ren Chao as a peaceful and humorous, but poignant protest to Sun Yat-sen and the Kuomintang Movement’s initiative to abolish Classical Chinese Script in favor of full Romanization … Continue reading

I’m Not Stupid, I’m Just Not You!


OK, let’s see how many of my FB friends drop me after this.

Don’t Be This Person


A coworker lent me this movie. It was not a movie I had expressed wanting to see, nor really known about until it came up briefly in conversation the day before, where I had ambivalently shrugged it off. And then it turned up on my desk the next morning with … Continue reading